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Diet and Fitness Pitfalls

  • 1 hour, 20 minutes
  • Thu 08 2020
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What You Should Avoid and Why.

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Course: What to avoid
Course: Why you should avoid certain things
Course: How to stay focused

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Item Reviews - 4

Rafael Visentainer Tue 08 2020


This was a great set of video and gave me some real good advice which I was happy to hear. I do need to look at getting healthier ans this has set me on the right path . The videos were very informative and not too long which was good as I was on my break. I learnt loads in a short space of time.

sergio souza Tue 08 2020


The fitness courses are great. Lots of great information. Thanks I really enjoyed the videos they were fantastic.

Polina Tankilevitch Tue 08 2020


Men always tell me I'm fit. What they don't realise is I'm actually very fit and even run marathons. The vids were great and the one I got had all the diet stuff I needed to look into as well.

Anton Imbro Tue 08 2020


I do a great deal of walking in the wilderness and hiking. So the fitness stuff all about diet was great for me. I liked the videos they were great. It was good to hear someone passionate about fitness and they had a real knowledge about everything too.

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  • Created:27/08/2020
  • Duration:1 hour, 20 minutes
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Course Features
  • What to avoid
  • Why you should avoid certain things
  • How to stay focused